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Santa Claus Letters

Santa Claus Letters have been popular for generations. Every year just before the holidays, boys and girls write letters to Santa Claus telling him about their good behavior. They might write about how they helped their Mom or Dad by putting their toys away or doing simple chores. Sometimes they will include stories about how they helped their brother or sister.

After telling Santa about their good behavior, children usually tell Santa about something that they would truly cherish for Christmas Day. Most boys and girls ask for a toy, doll or game but some children ask for something as simple as having family together for Christmas day.

Help your son or daughter begin writing their Santa Letter today. Remember to send your Santa Letter to the north pole – that’s where Santa Claus lives.

Santa Booking Rates

Rates are for a 'real' bearded Santa in authentic, realistic wardrobe, performing the basic duties of a Santa.  Package rates are available for multiple days, locations and special needs. For additional information, please contact us at or 610-697-1721 (please leave a message and we will contact you back)


Additional weekday hours available.   Please contact us for your needs and we can discuss  cost.  Advanced bookings are always important in order to secure a Santa.  Our wish is that you get a Santa for your event.  We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

♦ Red Sled Santa Ned is a Real Bearded Santa and has been portraying Santa since 2000.


♦ Red Sled Santa Ned is an Ordained Minister and can legally preform Marriage ceremonies and Vow Renewals.

♦ Santa enjoys reading stories to children of ALL ages and telling the story of how St Nicholas evolved to  to modern day Santa.

♦ He has worked in the entertainment business for 50 years.  He's currently on WALN Cable Radio as a DJ and also an Ordained Minister and willing to preform weddings and renewals.  

♦ Santa and Mrs. Claus have their childline check completed every year.

♦ Serving Northampton, Lehigh Valley and Carbon County areas.

Services for Your Wedding:
Stephanie and Bob Duo
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Stacy Gable Music
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Jillian Rossi, Professional Singer:


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Stacy Gabel, Professional Singer:

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Peter Mackey Photography:

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Mackey Photo & Video is a Poconos and Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer providing Timeless Photography with a Cinematic Flare. Available worldwide.

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